What is a tenskinRx 15-Minute Signature Laser Facial?
> tenskinRx is an innovative skin care concept delivering glowing healthy skin. Our signature tenskinRx 15-minute laser facial is a multi-later workout for your face. Regenlite™ laser is a non-ablative device, meaning, unlike lasers, it does not remove the top layer of skin or part of the sub-layer. There is no need for cooling or anesthesia and little or no visible after-effects, allowing patients to resume their normal routine quickly.

What specific skin conditions can be treated?
> Active acne
> Acne scars
> Rosacea, eczema and vascular facial conditions
> Skin tone by boosting collagen and elastic
> Fine lines and wrinkles

is it safe?
> Our medical aestheticians are highly trained with the Regenlite™ Pulsed Dye Laser. As with any laser/intense pulse light (IPL) therapy, the procedure is completely safe when delivered responsibly. Part of the ownness of responsibility is that our clients disclose any and all contra-indications listed. You will be required to fill out a consent form to further rule out and assess any risks.

* If you are pregnant, have a history of skin cancer, and/or are prone to seizures, you cannot be treated.

How can you deliver all these results in just 15 minutes?
> Our tenskinRx 15-minute Signature Laser Facial uses Regenlite™ Pulsed Dye Laser in combination with task-specific and highly active skin-specific ampoules to deliver brighter, healthier and younger looking skin. Our laser allows for swift and effective treatments with no need for cooling or anesthesia and little or no visible after effects, allowing patients to resume their normal routine quickly.
What can I expect during my tenskinRx 15-Minute Laser Facial?
> In a tenskinRx 15-minute signature laser facial your skin will be laser treated and skin specific cleansers and/or exfoliates will be used as required.

1 The cleansing process will take about 5 minutes; skin specific cleansers and/or exfoliants will be used as required. 2 Once skin is cleansed and thoroughly 'degreased' the Regenlite™ Pulsed Dye Laser is applied. There should only be minor discomfort during the laser portion of the treatment; as you will feel the sensation of warm water drops being applied to the skin. 3 The facial is then completed with a task-specific ampoule and an application of specifically formulated 50+ UV sun protection moisturizer.

> Regular tenskinRx treatments will make your skin more resilient to skin problems such as acne, acne scarring, pigmentation, uneven skin tone and will help eliminate fine lines and wrinkles.

The appropriate follow up treatment(s) will be discussed.

How many treatments will I need to have healthier glowing skin?
> On average we will recommend three to nine sessions with each subsequent treatment to your skin specific skin condition. As there is no down time with our tenskinRx 15 Minute Signature Laser Facial, sessions will be scheduled to best treat your skin condition. Once your skin has been conditioned and is both glowing and healthy, follow-up monthly treatments will be recommended.

Which areas can be treated?
> Our tenskinRx 15-Minute Signature Laser Facial can treat either the face, neck and/or décolleté.

What if I want to treat all 3 areas in one session?
> Since each treatment area takes 15 minutes you will require 3 treatments.

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